I used exactly 80ml/100ml, why is there water leaking from base unit?

There are a few common user errors that cause leaks and can potentially lead to permanent damage to your unit.

#1 Too much water being added, UNINTENTIONALLY.
Bringing the objects straight from the faucet can unintentionally add a significant amount of extra water. Always shake off the excess water from your hands and objects before loading them into the chamber.

Tips: Plase the chamber on a draining mat while loading the items.

  • This gives the excess water a chance to drain.
  • It prevents the tap water being added in the process.

Note: 80ml is the proven effective amount to kill 99.9% of bacteria when used as directed.  In any case where you feel prolonging sterilization is necessary, you may add up to 100ml of water but never exceed 100ml.

#2 Water being WRONGFULLY directed into the air vent.

a. Always remove the air rotor before adding water
Water should always be added directly onto the heating plate. NEVER add the water on top of the air rotor.

b. Always lock the air rotor in the correct position
The air rotor is designed to generate more powerful air flow. Not placing it correctly can cause the water to be wrongfully directed into the air vent.



Applies to: All steam sterilizers



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