Before first Use

  1. Clean the sterilizer parts before first use, including: - Lid, racks, chamber, and accessories (all dishwasher safe). - Base unit (not dishwasher safe: use damp cloth to wipe clean). 
  2. After cleaning, pour 100ml of water onto the stainless steel plate. (i) 
  3. Place the bottle chamber on the sterilizer base. Next, place the bottle rack and plate rack inside the bottle chamber. Place the accessory tray on the chamber, and close the lid. (ii) 
  4. Press “Sterilize Cycle” on the control panel, and allow the cycle to run for the full 15 minutes. After the cycle is done, you will hear 3 beeps indicating the cycle is done. Let it cool for 15 minutes before first use. (iii)

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