Why does it keep beeping and flashing after I plug in?

There could be a few reasons your sterilizer is beeping and/or flashing: 

Model: WA-8810N, WA-8811N
1. Safety first! The WABI BABY will beep to let you know that the bottle chamber has been placed incorrectly.

Make sure it's not just the chamber being placed on the base unit, in some rare case, the safety tab may be still not being pushed down all the way. Place the accessory basket and lid on top, and it should solve the issue.

2. No water being added for the sterilization cycle.

For discontinued model: WA-8800N or TM708N (this has been improved on current models)
2. Make sure your safety tab is in place! In some cases, the safety tab has broken off during shipping. Check for the little blue tab on the base unit: if it sticks out about ¼ in, then it’s not broken. If it sits flush with the base unit surface, it is broken. Please return the unit to the seller immediately.
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