My sterilizing cycle is running too long/too short!

Sterilization cycle typically runs between 8-15 minutes. It is never a set 15 minutes. With the built-in smart sensor, the sterilizer runs until all the water on the Heating Plate has evaporated. If your sterilization cycles shorter than 6 minutes or longer than 15 minutes, please see below.

If your cycle is too long, you may have poured too much water on to the heating plate or left too much water residue on the contents after cleaning. We recommend that you try shaking off the residual water as much as possible.

If your cycle is too short, you may not have poured enough water onto the heating plate. Be sure to pour exactly 100ml before you start the sterilization process. Also, check the bottom of the base unit for leakage, if there is a sign of leakage, please contact us.

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