Why is my steam sterilizer blinking & beeping?

This is the safety measure for the unit. When you see the steam sterilizer started to blinking and beeping after you press any button, there are few areas to double check.

  • Beeping a few seconds after your press the Sterilizing button. 
    You may forget to add water to the heating plate, try adding water and press the button again.

  • If the chamber is already loaded on top of the base unit. 
    Try loading more objects into the chamber.  There is a safety switch on the base unit to prevent the appliance from heating the water without any chamber loaded.  Sometimes, for the newer unit, the safety switch may be a little stiffer and needs more weight on the top to push it all the way down. This should resolve on its own as the spring gets soften over time.

Contact us if none of the suggestions work.

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