What is a normal temperature for the UV Sterilizer to Operate at?

The UV-C sterilizer uses our patented low heat drying technology to dry the object, using convection air to dry more than heat. The temperature will not go past 130°F and most of the time it stays around room temperature, often around 75-90°F .


This temperature is largely influenced by the environment's temperature around it, so moving it to a colder or hotter room can affect this ambient temperature and drying. 

This is the case for both during the UV cycle and the drying cycle. A good portion of the time, or perhaps the entire time, your unit could be under 90°F. Whether items are put in the sterilizer wet or dry can affect this temperature.

If you feel there is an issue, try running a full sterilization cycle with nothing in the sterilizer to see what the temperature goes up to, as opposed to loaded with items. As long as it appears to be heating, changing temperatures, all the bulbs are working, and items have been coming out dry, then everything is operating normally. 

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