What are the UV Auto Cycles? Which cycle should I choose?

During the auto cycle, the UV light sterilizes for 5 min. Here is the breakdown of the three auto cycles:

- 30 min: 20 min drying time -> 5 min UV time -> 5 min cooling

- 50 min: 40 min drying time -> 5 min UV time -> 5 min cooling

- 70 min: 60 min drying time -> 5 min UV time -> 5 min cooling 

During drying time, the red (infrared) lights are on. During the sterilization cycle the blue (UV) lights are on. During the cool down phase, all lights are off and you can hear the fan still running.

How long you choose for your cycle depends on a few factors: 

1. how large your load is
2. how wet your load is
3. how much space is in between items

For smaller loads, choose a shorter drying time. For larger loads, we recommend choosing a longer drying time. The times listed may vary by a few minutes depending on your unit and how full your load is. 

If you want to do the auto cycle, but want to sterilize for 10 min total, after the auto cycle is done, you can press the UV button and add on an extra 5 min of sterilizing if you like. If you find the items do not dry well with the 30 min time, you can select one of the longer auto times, or add on a drying cycle at the end.

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