Can my eyes get hurt by looking at the Ultraviolet (UV-C) light through the WABI UV Sanitizer glass window?

The short and simple answer is NO.

(This is a frequently asked question, we feel should be a piece of good common knowledge for all!)

UV-A: Wavelength is 320 to 400 nm
UV-B: Wavelength is 280 to 320 nm
UV-C: wavelength is 200 to 280 nm

The glass on the UV-C bulb is Quartz glass, which is transparent to UV-C and will pass through to achieve the Germicidal effect.

Ordinary glass (as used in windows and the front panel of this unit) is not transparent to wavelength below 330 nm (UV-B and UV-C) and is blocked by it. 

Though your eyes won't be affected by the UV-C light by looking through the window, we still don't suggested doing so.  

WABI UV-C sanitizer has pass safety test for US and Canada standard, and registered under FDA as medical device and EPA as germicide device. We are here to delivers the highest quality UV-C sanitizer on the market.


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